MOUNT NUGONG BEEF is produced on our family farm that is situated near Ensay, under the watchful summit of Mount Nugong in the mountains of East Gippsland.

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The cattle spend the summer months in the “bush” country, browsing  shrubs, herbs, and grasses. In winter the cattle return to the warmer pastures.

Our production system harks back to the times of domestication of cattle, where stock were moved according to the climatic conditions. Our production system is a simple reflection of nature’s cycle.

Spring is a time of plenty.

Grass in spring unfurls new leaves, gathering sunshine and nutrients in  readiness for seed set. The grass grows quickly and the cows gain weight so that they can produce good quantities of milk for their calves.

Spring is a time of surplus, and surplus in nature means fat. The cattle are sleek and fat.

Beef produced from spring is full of nature’s opulence and tenderness, making great grilling meats.

Summer from green to gold.

As the spring comes to an end and summers heat flows across the hills the grasses put their energy into seed production before moisture limits the number of seeds that can be produced. The paddocks turn a golden brown, heralding an end to the time of plenty.

Beef from summer can be full of tenderness and the richness of golden seed heads. Great for grilling still.

Autumn and Winter

Autumn sees the temperatures dropping and the plants pulling in, ready for winter. Storing up reserves to see the cold months out.

Beef from autumn is ready for slow cooking, stews, pies, roasts, all full of the smell of falling leaves, cold nights and shorter days.

Winter is a time of waiting for the grandeur of spring. Cold biting winds interspersed with crackling frosts. Cattle loose much of the weight that they have gained from the spring. Winter is a time of leanness. The plants and animals pull their stored surpluses around themselves waiting for spring to again dance across the hills again.

The Whole Beast

To have a finished beast is cause for celebration. It means that there is a true surplus. Nature has been bountiful. It is important not to waste what has taken so much to produce. Traditionally each part of the animal has a use. In my Blog I will include many  recipes from my family and friends.