Beef Order

Here we offer a selection of different packs, all you need to do is pick the one you think is best!! When you choose we hand select a combination of the available cuts specific to that box, remember we are all about clearing an entire animal so no two boxes will be exactly the same. 

Winter Pack

The Winter Pack includes a combination of:
-Osso Bucco
-Topside/Bolar Blade Roast
-Oyster Blade
-Stewing Steak
-Gravy Beef

Summer Barbecue

Summer Barbecue includes:

- Sausages
- BBQ Steak
- Porterhouse
- Scotch Fillet
- Beef Burgers
- Mince
- Rump Steak

Box of Indulgence

Box of Indulgence includes a combination of:

- Eye Fillet
- Scotch Fillet
- Brisket
- Topside/Bolar Blade Roast
- Hanging Steak
- Osso Bucco

For the Family

For the Family includes a combination of:
- Sausages
- Topside/Bolar Blade Roast
- Corned Beef
- Mince
- Porterhouse Steak
- Osso Bucco
- Stewing Steak
- Brisket and more..

The Best of Both Worlds

The best of both worlds includes a selection of our prime beef and Dorper fat lambs. Both of which are grass fed, antibiotic free and bred on our farm.

Student Survival kit

The Student Survival kit is ideal for the student trying to survive their budget,
it includes:

- Sausages
- BBQ steak
- Mince
- Stewing Steak
- Topside/Bolar Blade Roast


Mix and Match

The Homestead and the Hound is our sister sight where we source homegrown and homemade produce for local businesses.
There is a great selection of jams, conserves, chutney's, cheeses, olive oil's ...